(WKBN) — After-school Satan Clubs are causing some controversy in some Ohio school districts.

The program is put on by the Satanic Temple who are primarily atheists. The after-school clubs have been in operation in different United States cities for about six years.

More of them are popping up across Ohio.

“The after-school Satan Club program is just put into schools as an alternative to religious indoctrination programs,” said Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves.

Lucien Greaves is the co-founder and spokesperson for the Satanic Temple and said they are only starting their programs at schools that already have religious-based after school programs.

“Just dedicated to just critical thinking and educating children and making sure they have a fun, educational time in a safe environment,” Greaves said.

But the one question on everyone’s mind — why the name?

“If we called it something else and then ran this club as the Satanic Temple and then people found out after the fact that this club was run by Satanists — then I think we would have a real outcry,” Greaves said.

While there aren’t any after-school Satan Clubs in the tri-county area or in Mercer County, they could be on the way.

“We had trouble finding liability insurance coverage. Now in place more recently, rolling out a new wave,” Greaves said.

The school districts have no authority to prevent them from using public buildings after school due to a Supreme Court ruling.

“Unconstitutional to pick and choose which religious organizations can hold after-school clubs,” Greaves said.