Report: Intruder tells Ohio deputies homeowner’s dog ‘told him’ to break into home

Christopher Hill

NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) – A New Carlisle man caught breaking into a home Tuesday blamed his crime on the homeowner’s dog,  WDTN reports. 

Around 3:35 p.m., a homeowner called the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and told authorities he had caught a stranger inside his home on South Smith Street.

The homeowner said he had been inside his barn for roughly three hours, and when he returned to the house, he smelled cigarette smoke and found cigarette butts that did not belong to him.

Upon walking to the stairway leading to the upper level of the house, the homeowner saw an unknown man standing at the top of the steps.

The homeowner tried to shut the door of the stairway in order to lock the stranger upstairs, but he was forcefully pushed to the ground before he could do so.

Because of a medical condition, the homeowner could not get up off the floor after he was pushed down. He ordered the intruder, identified as Christopher Hill, to sit on the couch, where he remained until deputies arrived minutes later, WDTN reports. 

Hill reportedly told the homeowner that his dog had let him into the house. He later told police, “The dog told me to come here.”

He was taken to the Clark County Jail and charged with aggravated burglary and assault.

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