COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) — The Ohio Department of Transportation announced Tuesday that registration for its motorcycle safety training program opens soon.

Ohio is one of the largest states for total motorcycle ridership, issuing over 6,000 endorsements.

According to ODPS statistics, in 56% of motorcycle crashes, the rider was at fault and an unendorsed rider was involved in 45% of those crashes.

The Motorcycle Ohio program teaches different levels of motorcycle safety courses for riders based on their skill levels and objectives. The class is $50.

Students must have a valid motorcycle temporary permit before the first riding session. After completion of the program, students will earn a 60-day Bureau of Motor Vehicles skill test waiver for a motorcycle license or endorsement.

The class is funded through motorcycle plate fees and class registration.

Registration opens Jan. 23 and classes run from March through November.

The types of courses include:

  • Basic Rider Skills (BRS): recommended for novice riders. During this 16-hour course, students will participate in four hours of classroom, and 12 hours of on-cycle training covering topics such as cornering, braking, swerving and traffic interaction. No experience is required, and Motorcycle Ohio provides the motorcycles and helmets.
  • Returning Riders (BRS-RR): recommended for intermediate riders. This eight-hour course is designed for riders 18 and older who have been riding with a two-wheel temporary permit for more than one year, or a two-wheeled experienced rider returning after an extended time away. Students will participate in two hours of classroom instruction, take an on-cycle evaluation to assess their skill level, and then complete six hours of on-cycle training.
  • Basic Rider Skills 2 (BRS-2): recommended for riders looking for a refresher course or to bond with a new motorcycle. During this seven-hour course, students will participate in on-cycle training without a formal classroom setting while using their own street-legal two-wheeled motorcycle.

Motorcycle Ohio courses are being taught at 36 training sites around Ohio. To find out more about how to prepare for a course and enroll, visit