They say, “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Well, that’s what some people are asking lawmakers to do when it comes to the minimum wage in Ohio.

The minimum wage in Ohio is $8.10 per hour, which brings in just under $325 a week before taxes and other paycheck withholdings.

“When you go to the store and a gallon of milk is $3, but you got people still making $8.10 on minimum wage, how are they supposed to feed their family, buy gas to put in their cars to get to work and pay their bills?” questioned Chaundra Kidd, of Cleveland.

Fired up by speakers at the rally, Kidd was fit to be tied over the lack of progress in providing people with what she feels is a living wage.

“This is a struggle, this is a fight and it’s all real. We need our $15,” Kidd said.

She wasn’t alone in thinking that.

“God intended that people have a little bit of heaven on earth and that includes just having a place to live, to be able to feed your kids and make sure they get a decent education,” said Cynthia Taylor, of Baltimore, Maryland. “I think that starts with the humanity that you provide for people when you give them a living wage.”

Taylor was in Columbus for the United Methodist Women conference this weekend. Several of the conference attendees came to the rally.

At the rally, people chanted about what democracy looked like and how “poverty wages got to go.”

There were singing, speakers and hand-holding during the closing prayer. It was all a show of unity by those in attendance, vowing they will not stop fighting for an increase in minimum wage.

There are two bills that would raise the minimum wage in Ohio — one to $10.10 and another to $15 — by 2025. Neither of them has received a single hearing.