SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — Another press conference has been held after a Norfolk Southern train derailed on Saturday in Springfield.

Officials spoke to the public on Sunday around 3:15 p.m. at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield. The latest conference comes after multiple cars on a train derailed on Saturday, shortly before 5 p.m.

A prior release from Clark County said 20 of 212 cars had derailed from. Two of the tankers contained Diesel Exhaust Fluid. “The other two tankers contained residual amounts of Polyacrylamide Water Solution,” the release said.

Ohio EPA Director Anne Vogel spoke at the event said and that there was no spillage from the train derailing.

“There was no release of any chemical or hazardous material to the soil, to the air, to the water,” Vogel said. “We were of course tracking that closely. There is one PVC pellet car that has affected the soil. We will be on-site ensuring that as cars are removed by Norfolk Southern, that the soil is not impacted under the ground, so you will still continue to see the southwest office of Ohio EPA remain on-site until the clean-up is complete,” the Ohio EPA director said.

The electric company worked directly with city officials to help ensure the safety of city officials and officials from the organizations conducting work.

“Ohio Edison was very vigilant of keeping us safe in the area, so they had to shut down transmission,” Matthew Smith, Springfield assistant fire chief said. “They had to ground out all of the service for us.”

The full version of the press conference can be seen in the player above.