Police release report on Ohio teen found dead, details about time leading to disappearance


Harley Dilly's father said there were other incidents where Harley wouldn't come home from school on a Friday and didn't return until a Saturday morning

Missing boy, Harley Dilly of Port Clinton, Ohio

Photo courtesy of the Port Clinton Police Department

PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WJW) — Port Clinton police have released the police report made regarding when Harley Dilly went missing, and it includes new details about his life and what led to his disappearance.

The report was made on December 21 at just before midnight by his father, Marcus Dilly, at the police department, FOX 8 reports.

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Dilly was found dead in the chimney of a vacant house across the street from his home. The house was unoccupied and used as a vacation home.

Police do not believe that foul play was involved.

According to the police report, Marcus Dilly said Harley was “mad because he had broken his phone and demanded that they get him a new one.” He said Harley was told that he would have to earn it.

Marcus Dilly said there were other incidents where Harley wouldn’t come home from school on a Friday and didn’t return until a Saturday morning. He said he never filed reports in those instances.

He said he wanted to file a report in this situation because Harley had been gone too long and normally returned in the mornings. He said nothing happened to make him think Harley was in danger, and that he didn’t have a history of being suicidal.

Marcus Dilly did say Harley had ADHD and autism and was high functioning and very smart. He said he was a “baby when it comes to being cold” and that he would know enough to get out of the elements.

Police then followed up with several of Harley’s friends and acquaintances to determine who had seen him and when.

A father of one of the friends said Harley and another boy was with his son Thursday after school when Harley was heading home.

Harley’s mother, Heather Dilly, said the last time she saw her son when Friday morning “when he was trying to get out of going to school and stated he didn’t feel good.” She said she told him to get his {expletive} to school “and as far as she knew he had left and went to school.”

After the interviews, police then issued a BOLO for Harley. His disappearance led to a nationwide search with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The 14-year-old was found dead inside the chimney of a home across the street from his family’s house about three weeks later. Port Clinton Police called his death an accident. The Ottawa County Coroner’s Office said Dilly died of asphyxiation.

“It appears that Harley climbed an antenna tower to the roof and entered the chimney,” Police Chief Robert Hickman previously said. “Once in the chimney, Harley’s jacket and glasses were pushed from the chimney through a flue and into the second floor of the house. The chimney was blocked between the second and first floor which trapped Harley. The chimney is approximately 9 inches by 13 inches in size.”

Port Clinton police said they are waiting on other reports from multiple agencies involved in the search.

**Editor’s note: The Port Clinton Police Department’s initial report stated that a friend of Harley’s saw him after school on Friday during a discussion over Cavs tickets. The department said the incident was “misremembered” by the child and was not true. The story above has been modified to reflect the department’s correction.

This story has also corrected the day in which Dilly’s body was discovered.

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