Police: Ohio dad hogtied, dragged daughter in parking lot

girl hog tied

A teenage girl is in foster care after allegedly being dragged through a parking lot by her father, reports WKBN’s sister station, WCMH. 

The girl’s hands and feet were also bound together with zip-ties, and those were not her only injuries. 

The 13-year-old was yelling for police from inside of a bowling alley on West Main Street in New London. 

“She was also obviously very emotional, crying, yelling, screaming for help,” said police Lt. Joseph Hicks. 

“Numerous times she repeated, ‘Help me! Help me! Help me!'”

Police photos show the girl’s wrists and ankles bound with zip ties, then secured together in a method commonly called hogtying.

“I was kind of in disbelief honestly when I first arrived and saw her in the corner tied up,” Hicks said.

Hicks said specialty safety cutters were needed to remove the zip ties because they were so tight. 

“She had some injuries indicative of being dragged across the parking lot, her shirt was torn, it was black. She indicated her dad had dragged her across the parking lot so she had road rash,” Hicks said.

Friday around dinnertime, witnesses reported seeing the girl in an altercation with her father, 39-year-old John Hofacker. 

At the hospital, doctors found additional injuries beneath her clothing including bruises and welts that the girl said came from being beaten with a belt.

Officers arrested Hofacker and charged him with unlawful restraint, with more charges pending. He was released from jail on bond. Attorneys are reviewing the case and will recommend if more charges need to be added. 

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