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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — A pack of coyotes attacked a local pet dog, which later died from its injuries, Bay Village police reported Wednesday.

The pet was reportedly kept in a fenced-in yard, which was unable to keep the wild animals out.

“We understand that similar events (and close calls) have happened in other local cities,” the police department said in a Facebook post. “The BVPD and the City Administration is closely monitoring the situation. We are working with the city Animal Control Officer to explore ways to help mitigate the problem.

The police department is now warning residents to not leave small dogs or cats outside unwatched and to keep dogs on leash while out and about. They also recommend not leaving a food source outside that would attract the animals to the yard.

Coyote in the snow
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According to police, coyotes are quite common and are most likely to attack a dog when it gives chase. They do not normally attack humans and can be easily scared off. Notify police at 440-871-1234 if a coyote seems sick and is coming too close to people.

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