Over 100 people under investigation for possible voter fraud violations in Ohio

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COLUMBUS (WKBN) – The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is investigating 117 people for possible election fraud violations in the state.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose referred them to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation, claiming that they either registered to vote in Ohio or cast a ballot in Ohio in the 2020 election and appear to be legally present, non-citizens.

According to Ohio law, non-citizens cannot vote or cast ballots in state elections.

According to LaRose, those 117 people provided documents at the BMV that identified them as non-citizens on at least two occasions.

His office said, per Ohio law, each was sent two notices at the address where they are registered to vote, requesting that the individual either cancel their voter registration or advise the secretary’s office that they have become a U.S. citizen.

LaRose said 104 people were referred for registering to vote and 13 were referred for voting.

“Voter fraud is rare in Ohio. One of the reasons it’s rare is because we have good laws on the books,” said LaRose. “These are small numbers, but there is no such thing as an acceptable level of voter fraud. We’re just not going to tolerate it. There’s also that deterrent factor. People need to know that if you’re attempting to cast a ballot and you’re not a citizen, then we’re going to catch you.”

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