(WKBN) – With the Fourth of July just over a month away, a number of groups are coming out as opposed to plans to change fireworks laws in Ohio.

Senate Bill 113 would essentially make it legal to own or use fireworks any day of the year.

Currently, supporters of the measure claim Ohio is one of only two states in the country that outlaws most fireworks.

Senator Michael Rulli is one of the sponsors of the measure and insists safety is an important part of his bill.

“There’s a culture of safety that the manufacturers of Ohio, whether it’s TNT or whether it’s Phantom Fireworks, where they want to have it safe. They want to make sure that product coming through the ports is regulated, that the black powder is regulated,” he said.

However, members of a group calling itself “The Ohio Fireworks Safety Coalition” argue if the measure is signed into law, the state will become one of the most dangerous in terms of fireworks safety.