Ohio’s tax-free weekend is here but are you ready to shop?


All of the tax exemptions apply to online purchases as well

(WKBN) – If you have back-to-school shopping to do, Ohio is the place to go this weekend. The state’s annual sales tax holiday started on Friday and there are only two days left to get those tax-free items.

It’s a weekend of savings in the Buckeye State.

“Tax-free is very good because… that’s why I’m here. I’m job searching right now. It’ll help a lot,” said shopper Erin Brown.

Now through Sunday, Ohio shoppers can get their families ready to go back to school without having to pay state and local sales tax.

“There is a huge amount of savings you can get, especially when you have multiple children in a family,” said mother of five Jess Mott.

Here’s what you can get this weekend without the added 5.75% sales tax:

  • Clothing $75 or less
  • School supplies $20 or less
  • School instructional materials $20 or less

“School supplies, it adds up and everything is a little expensive especially with everything going on right now,” Brown said.

Here’s what is not included in Ohio’s tax-free weekend:

  • Makeup
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags/wallets
  • Athletic gear
  • Sewing supplies
  • Sunglasses

All of the tax exemptions apply to online purchases as well, an added bonus during this time of uncertainty.

“People still need to shop for back-to-school season even if their kids are going back to a hybrid model where they won’t be in school every day. Kids still grow, they still need clothing,” said Joe Bell, communications director for the Eastwood Mall.

So whether you grab your mask and head to the mall or shop from your couch…

“I guess this weekend is the time to do it. You only get one weekend,” Brown said.

The tax-free weekend continues until Sunday at midnight.

For more specific information about what is and is not included in the tax-free holiday, visit the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website.

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