Editor’s note: This story has been edited to clarify that the law is awaiting the governor’s signature, which is expected to happen on Tuesday.

(WKBN) – Tuesday morning, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will approve a big change for distracted driving. It’s one that gives law enforcement more tools to combat distracted driving and save lives.

Distracted driving remains a huge problem in Ohio but now, police are getting help turning the tide.

Here’s an example of the problem from a trooper’s dash camera in Erie County. A trooper sees a driver using a cell phone behind the wheel. They then follow the driver and watch the car drift and weave between lanes.

When the law goes into effect, distracted driving will become a primary offense, and police can pull someone over without them having to commit another traffic violation first. People can be pulled over for just holding a cell phone.

Drivers are permitted to use a hands-free device while driving, however.

We asked the governor about this two weeks ago in an exclusive interview.

“The states that have done this have seen a real reduction in that distracted driving. That’s going to save a lot of lives, so we’re happy about that,” DeWine said.

Ohio’s first distracted driving corridor was along I-76/I-80 in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. It was active for years and saw a 31 percent reduction in fatal and injury crashes.

Currently, there’s a distracted driving corridor along I-680.

Since 2017, there have been 73,945 distracted driving crashes, 39 percent of which have been with drivers between the ages of 15 and 24.

In the same time, troopers have written 39,878 tickets for distracted driving violations.

The new law will establish a $150 fine or a distracted driving course for violators on the first offense. Then a $250 fine for the second offense and $500 for the third offense within two years.

You are allowed to use a hands-free device while driving.

For the law’s first six months, offenders will get off with warnings while the state lets everyone know about the change.