Ohio teacher accused of sex with student after divorcing him a decade later

The superintendent said the teacher married the former Lancaster high schooler

LANCASTER, Ohio (WCMH) -- The Fairfield County Prosecutor's Office announced a Lancaster High School teacher has been indicted on a count of sexual battery for an alleged sexual relationship she had with a 16-year-old student between August 2003 and June 2005.

Authorities learned of the allegations against 47-year-old Eddie Black when the victim filed a police report with the Lancaster Police Department in April of 2018, according to a press release from the Fairfield County Prosecutor's Office.

Superintendent Steve Wigton said Black was married to the former LHS student and later divorced.

Black has been placed on leave and will not be returning to the classroom, Wigton said. A special board meeting has been scheduled on August 15 to suspend her contract without pay and to terminate the contract.

The investigation into these allegations is ongoing and anyone with information on this case is encouraged to contact the Lancaster Police Department at 740-687-6680 or Nathan Hale, Director of HR at LCS, at n_hale@lcsschools.net or 740-687-7310.

Parents like Amanda Chester can't believe this is happening.

"It's so close to home. I've heard of it at other places far away. When it's so close to home, it's right by my daughter. I have kids that will be going there," she said.

Officials will start the process of firing Black at that district meeting.

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