Ohio senator responds to Biden’s revised budget


(WKBN) – Lawmakers are reacting to the revised budget plan proposed by President Joe Biden.

Here are a few more details: The $1.75 trillion is expected to be paid for over 10 years. Originally Biden was looking for a $3.5 trillion package.

The plan would also implement free pre-kindergarten and delegate other funding to limit child care costs.

In addition, there is a proposed one-year continuation of the Child Tax Credit.

Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, shared his reaction to the revamped plan.

“Of course there are things that I’m not thrilled about, but this package, it’s going to help strengthen the middle class. It’s going to give a lot of kids in low income families a little more opportunity,” Brown said.

The plan also includes a 1 percent surcharge on corporate stock buybacks.

It does not raise the top tax rate for capital gains for sales of stock or property.

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