COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Statehouse Republican Senators passed SB 215, a bill allowing Ohioans legally able to own a gun to conceal their weapon without a permit.

Supporters of “Constitutional Carry” said the Ohio Constitution clearly gives Ohioans the right to bear arms and said nothing about a permit.

“I have the right to bear arms, OK? And so does anybody else and if we’re going to say, well, the Constitution doesn’t matter because there’s tragedy well, we all know what happens when people start wiping out rights in the name of tragedy, worse tragedy,” said Senate President Matt Huffman, (R) Lima.

Several mayors in Ohio said bills like SB 215 are unnecessary when many places are dealing with a rise in gun violence.

“We believe the path forward is with common-sense gun safety measures that everyone in this group has signed-up in support, that 90% of the public support,” said Mayor Andrew Ginther, (D) Columbus.

Senator Terry Johnson said on the Senate floor Wednesday, that mayors and other city officials are to blame for the violence.

“These cities are going to heck in a handbasket and crime is rampant and it’s not because of honest people exercising their second amendment rights,” said State Sen. Terry Johnson, (R) McDermott.

“Mayors are hired by the people we serve to solve problems not point fingers or blame one another. There’s not a republican or democratic way to plow the streets, fill potholes, create a job or make a community neighborhood safe,” said Mayor Ginther, (D) Columbus.

The Ohio House already passed its version of constitutional carry. The two chambers will need to come to an agreement on which will be the vehicle for the policy.