(WKBN) — After 30 years in office at the federal level, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman gave his final address on the Senate floor Thursday.

On Friday, Portman reflected on his time in office.

“I’ve gotten the honor of a lifetime. ‘Represent your neighbors’ — I mean, what’s better than that?” Portman said. “[Ohio] has been a great state to represent. It’s a real diverse state. We’ve got a lot of different points of view.”

Portman said leaving office is bittersweet, but he’s excited to spend more time with family.

“I look forward to getting involved with our children, and their children, and family stuff more,” he said. “Part of it is the ability to be home and to be there and be present.”

He plans to spend more time at his family restaurant in southern Ohio.

“It’s a historic place. It’s the oldest business in Ohio,” Portman said. “It’s just a really, really fun, fun business.”

For future congressional members, Portman said he hopes Republicans and Democrats can work together on tackling the opioid epidemic and developing better immigration policies.

“It’s also just wrong for our country not to have a sovereign border and have a legal and regulated way for people to come into our country,” he said.

Republican J.D. Vance will take Portman’s seat in the Senate after his election victory.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him, to give him whatever advice I have. We’ve had good conversations. I’m going to see him at his swearing in,” Portman said.