Ohio proposals would let high schoolers redo pandemic year, Pa. lawmakers give OK


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(AP) — Some Ohio lawmakers are proposing that high schoolers should get a do-over after their pandemic-troubled school year, even if they qualified to graduate.

New legislation in the Senate would give students who just finished senior year a chance to re-enroll in 12th grade this fall to repeat classes and get another round of eligibility for sports.

A separate bill in the House would set up a program in which high schoolers could seek to repeat or supplement the courses they took and pursue athletics eligibility.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association says it doesn’t support giving students a voluntary fifth year of athletic eligibility.

In Pennsylvania, Lawmakers are sending the governor a bill to let Pennsylvania parents decide whether to have their children repeat a year of school.

It’s a measure designed to help children catch up after a year of schooling disrupted by the pandemic

. The Senate voted 50 to 0 on Thursday for the proposal.

It also would permit students in special education to return for another year, even if they have reached the maximum age of 21.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf hasn’t said if he’ll sign it.

Under the bill, parents would have to decide by July 15 whether their child should repeat a grade.

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