OHIO (WTRF)- A man from Jefferson County is facing multiple charges after over 200 teens allegedly partied on his property.

Many teens were underage, says Jefferson County officials, and that party grew bigger after word got out over social media.

The party was discovered by authorities after they were called to Trinity Medical Center West when one of the people at the party was treated for a head injury because they allegedly got pistol-whipped.

Four teens who were allegedly at the party told deputies that the property was in a dead-end area and was isolated by one house nearby.

One of the four teens was a 16-year-old- who said she was punched in the nose by a large male from Wheeling, WV when she tried to break up one of the fights.

A McMechen, WV male was taken to Wheeling Hospital with cuts to his face and head after being struck by a broken bottle.

According to the report, the teens told deputies that the property owner, Travis Turkal, was present during the property, and before the party was broken up, he fired a shotgun in the air and yelled, ” Who wants this? I will blast any of (expletive).” They also claimed that Turkal pointed the gun at multiple party members as they ran to their vehicles.

Deputies said when they arrived at the property, they found alcoholic cans, bottles and boxes spread around the area.

Turkal allegedly told deputies that his 17-year-old was going to have a party, but he wasn’t there for most of it. When he returned home, the party was “an unreasonable size,” and everyone had to leave.

Turkal claimed that he did not show any firearms or shoot any weapon. and that fights started “when he attempted to take peoples’ car keys.”

Turkal is charged with aggravated menacing, child endangerment and having weapons while intoxicated.