MEIGS COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – A man has been sentenced to prison for the attempted murder of his mother in Meigs County.

According to Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley, David Shuler, 20, of Chauncey, Ohio, will spend 11 to 16.5 years in prison for Attempted Murder, the maximum sentence for the charge.

The prosecuting attorney’s office says the charge stems from an incident on Aug. 25, 2021, where Shuler went to his mother’s home and woke her between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.. He then told her he wanted to talk about a personal matter at another location and drove her in her vehicle to Salem Center Cemetery where her grandparents are buried.

Court documents say while hugging his mother at the gravesite just before 4 a.m., Shuler shot her in the abdomen with a pistol. He then shot her in the back as she fled toward the vehicle, according to Stanley. The prosecuting attorney’s office says as the victim began to drive away, Shuler got in the vehicle and took the keys.

According to Stanley, the victim then got out of the vehicle and fled on foot, and as Shuler chased her, he shot her in the back again. Court documents say at that time, the victim pretended to be dead in a ditch and Shuler then left the scene. Once he was gone, the victim ran to a nearby home for help.

Stanley says as the victim reached the home, Shuler saw that she was alive and shot her in the abdomen again as the homeowner opened the door. He then fled the scene.

Court documents say Shuler was arrested in Athens County later that day. At the time of the incident, Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood said the victim was flown Grant Medical Center in Columbus for treatment.

“Miraculously, his mother survived,” said Stanley in a press release.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, the Major Crimes Task Force, the Middleport Police Department, The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol investigated the case.