(WKBN) – A man from Beavercreek, Ohio pleaded guilty Friday to attempting to help a terrorist organization, namely ISIS.

According to court documents, Naser Almadaoji, 22, an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen of Beavercreek, purchased a plane ticket for travel on Oct. 24, 2018, and was arrested at John Glenn International Airport after checking in and obtaining his boarding pass.  

Investigators say Almadaoji was attempting to travel to Kazahkstan where he planned to be smuggled into Afghanistan so that he could join and receive military training from ISIS-K.

Almadaoji explained to a person he believed to be an ISIS supporter that he wanted “weapons experts training, planning and executing, hit an run, capturing high travel targets, ways to break into homes and avoid security guards. That type of training,” he said.

Before his planned travel to Afghanistan, Almadaoji traveled to Egypt and Jordan to join ISIS’s affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, but he was unsuccessful.

Almadaoji told an individual posing as an ISIS supporter online about his proposed plot to start a conflict in the United States between the federal government and anti-government militias. He asked the purported ISIS supporter for a guide on how to make a car bomb.

In August 2018, Almadaoji also told the purported ISIS supporter that he was “always willing” to assist with “projects” in the United States.

Almadaoji recorded and sent a video of himself wearing a headscarf and pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

Almadaoji pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 31, 2022, and faces a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison.