Ohio joins lawsuit in Facebook monopoly case


Ohio and 48 other states are suing Facebook for creating a monopoly

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Attorney General David Yost is calling Facebook a “dangerous seduction” and is joining other attorney generals across the U.S. in filing a lawsuit against the social media giant concerning its alleged practices to stifle competition.

Ohio and 48 other states are suing Facebook for creating a monopoly by “illegally acquiring competitors in a predatory manner,” Yost wrote.

Yost says Facebook cut services to smaller firms that threatened the company, deriving users from being able to choose an alternative.

“Facebook’s unchecked power has grabbed an alarming level of control over what we see, say, buy and even who our friends are,” Yost said. “It is a dangerous seduction where we, as consumers, have become the product for Facebook by controlling so many aspects of our lives.”

Along with algorithms that highly target users for advertisers, Facebook also works by eliminating competitors. Yost says the two most utilized strategies have been to acquire smaller rivals, potential rivals before they could threaten Facebook’s dominance.

Facebook is specifically charged with violating Section 2 of the Sherman Act, in addition to two violations of Section 7 of the Clayton Act.

The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

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