COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Teens wanting to learn how to drive in Ohio now have the chance to do it for little or no cost.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced Wednesday expanded access to the “Drive to Succeed” Scholarship program for low-income families.

Teens selected for the scholarship can attend an eligible Ohio-approved driving school in their area for free or at little cost.

Local government agencies such as police departments, sheriff’s offices, health departments and others can apply for funding to then award the scholarship to a teen.

According to the governor’s office, recent research has shown that new drivers under age 18 who complete the mandatory driver education under Ohio’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) restrictions were less likely to crash than drivers licensed at age 18 who are exempt from these requirements.

Agencies that wish to receive a grant must submit their proposals before Jan. 21, 2023. The complete grant proposal and guidelines can be found online at Grants/Federal Programs | Ohio Traffic Safety Office.