(WKBN) – The transition from the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness to the new Department of Children and Youth has begun.

This first week of October marks the name change for the department. The Department of Children and Youth is expected to provide more efficient services to children and families in the areas of prevention, early education and support.

The change followed the passage of House Bill 33.

The Department of Education is also renamed the Department of Education and Workforce. It is now a cabinet-level agency, reporting to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. That part of the plan could be delayed, though, as a lawsuit makes its way through court challenging the change.

According to our sister station WCMH in Columbus, a temporary restraining order blocking the change, which was set to expire last week, has been extended as the case is being considered. Seven members of the education board sued to block the overhaul, claiming it violated multiple constitutional provisions.

The Department of Education and Workforce will be responsible for primary, secondary and career-technical education in Ohio. The director will be appointed by the governor who will then appoint deputy directors.

The changes in the departments were announced in August.