As the flu season moves into its 10th week, reports from the Ohio Department of Health indicate that influenza cases in the state are on the rise.

According to the Ohio Department of Health activity summary for week 10, the number of emergency department visits for symptoms and fever are above baseline levels for the state.

According to the report, week 10 had 879 influenza-associated hospitalizations. This is far above the five-year average for March, which is between 300 and 400 cases. 

Ohio Flu Activity

The report said 137 of the 879 cases were in northeast Ohio, making it the fourth highest region in the state behind central with 146, southwest with 139 and east-central with 214.

Mahoning County had 113 cases, Columbiana County had 54 cases, and Trumbull County had 125 cases reported.

The report also stated that so far in the 2018-2019 season, there have been four pediatric influenza-associated mortalities.

This is the first time of the season that the Ohio Department of Health has considered influenza levels to be high in Ohio.

The Mahoning County Board of Health urges people to do everything they can to avoid getting the flu.

“Get your flu shot. Flu season is from September typically until the end of May. Hand washing, cover your cough, cover your sneeze, stay at home if you’re sick,” said nursing director Erica Horner.

Horner also said to wipe off any surface that you think you will touch during the day.

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