(WKBN) – Oral arguments are set for next week in a case that has made it to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The case surrounds the issue of whether a person can change the sex marker on a birth certificate.

In 2021, Hailey Adelaide, of Clark County, who was born male, wanted to have the sex marker on their birth certificate changed to female, along with a name change. Those issues are handled by the probate court, and the court said it could change the name but not the sex marker, citing Ohio law.

The only time a birth marker can be changed is if it was made in error.

Adelaide appealed to the Second District Court of Appeals but the decision stood. Adelaide appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court and the panel agreed to hear the case.

Birth certificates contain details such as name, date, place of birth, sex and parents’ names, along with their birthplaces. The document is used for verifying identity for a driver’s license, as a new employee, as a student registering at school, for government benefits and more.

According to court documents, courts in 11 counties are holding decisions on birth certificate corrections until the Supreme Court rules on the case.