Ohio communities with opportunity zones get new marketing tool from the state


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio has 370 opportunity zones, the full allotment given by the federal government.

The boundaries of these zones are based on census tracts and are identified by the state while the secretary of the U.S. Treasury certifies their qualification.

That puts opportunity zones in 73 of Ohio’s 88 counties.

All of them are not just competing against each other, but against every other zone in the country.

Making it easier for investors to find the right opportunity for them has been a high priority for Governor Mike DeWine’s administration, and according to Lt. Governor Jon Husted, there is $1 trillion in unrealized capital investments nationwide.

“If we make it easier for investors to understand the opportunities here and make it easier to invest and to get a return on that investment, they are more likely to do it here,” Husted said.

To that end, the state has developed a portal that all opportunity zones in Ohio can access and use to show their needs.

Investors will have a one-stop shop to find what they are looking for.

“We listened to investors and they said, ‘Well, give us a clearinghouse, give us one place to look where we can find all the investment opportunities in Ohio,’” Husted said.

According to Husted, Ohio may not be the first to have a portal, but he feels the state is a leader in this realm of activity.

Meanwhile, DeWine pledged his support for communities that need him to help seal the deal.

“If you need the governor to pick up the phone and call a business, we’re happy to do that,” DeWine said.

The site is up and live right now.

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