COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The grandmother of a missing twin infant at the center of an Ohio Amber Alert is on a mission to bring him home.

LaFonda Thomas spoke with NBC4’s Kerry Charles Thursday afternoon. While her family has since reunited with Kyair — who was found Tuesday morning in Dayton — Kason has been missing for more than three days as of Thursday.

Police are looking for 24-year-old Nalah Jackson — now facing two charges of kidnapping, as well as the potential for a federal case — in connection with the abduction of the twins. The pair disappeared when their mother left her car running as she picked up a pizza delivery order in the Short North. When the mother looked back, she saw her car driving away with her twins inside.

The grandmother has spent days with her family grappling with the twin’s disappearance.

“We’re moving into day four, and as everybody knows a storm is coming. Kason is still out there … We’re kind of desperate at this point,” LaFonda said. “I’m torn, I’m angry, I feel disparity. As a mom, I don’t know what to do for my kids.”

LaFonda Thomas, the grandmother of twins Kyair and Kason Thomas. (NBC4 Photo)

The grandmother said the family has poured all of their emotions into the search.

“I just put them all in my efforts to find my grandson,” LaFonda said.

The family has also seen an outpouring of support in the search for Kason.

“I never knew community could be so big outside my four walls,” LaFonda said. “I am so appreciative of everyone: the media, the police, my social media warriors as I would call them.”

As the days stack up, so too does the potential that Jackson — who has a lengthy legal history surrounding the custody of her own children — has left Ohio. Police have not reported any sightings of the stolen car, Jackson, or the missing twin since Tuesday.

Columbus police shared this map, indicating they have alerted police agencies in five neighboring states to look out for Nalah Jackson. (Courtesy Photo/Columbus Division of Police)

“Moving into the holiday season, moving into a stormy weekend, just love your family, love on each other, love your kids, because I could never, ever, ever wish this on anyone,” Lafonda said.

The grandmother also gave an update on Kyair, who has since reunited with his family and is waiting for his brother.

“Kyair is holding up, he’s still smiling, talking, being a normal 5-month-old baby,” Lafonda said. “There is definitely a bond. I saw him this morning and I told him ‘Kyair, grandma’s gonna get your brother and bring him home.'”