COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Attorney General David Yost is doubling down on Dollar General just a couple of days after the company asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit brought by the state in connection to its pricing.

Yost said Wednesday that he has asked for a temporary restraining order against the Tennessee-based chain to stop what he calls a practice of advertising one price at the shelf and ringing up another at the register.

Yost said Dollar General is continuing to violate the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and has requested a hearing regarding a preliminary injunction.

“There’s a mountain of evidence showing that Dollar General simply doesn’t care to fix the issue – and that’s despite numerous consumer complaints, failed auditor inspections and our lawsuit,” Yost said. “The bait-and-switch price games stop now.”

Yost filed a lawsuit against Dollar General in November 2022 after receiving complaints from customers in multiple counties, including Trumbull County, about the business advertising goods for one price on shelves and then charging a higher price at the register.

Multiple county auditors, as part of their regular duties, have inspected Dollar General stores and found that many of the product prices displayed did not match the prices charged, Yost said.

Since the lawsuit was filed, 116 more complaints were received by the Attorney General’s Office, Yost said.