ODNR: Black bear sightings expected to increase in Ohio this summer

Black bear

COLUMBUS  (WKBN/WCMH) – The Ohio Department of Natural resources said black bear sightings are expected to increase this summer.

According to ODNR’s Facebook page, summer is a peak time for black bears to begin moving and dispersing. Young black bears will sometimes travel long distances in order to find a new habitat.

With the recent increase of black bears in Ohio, officials said humans will now be more likely to see them during their movement.

ODNR has several tips to keep black bears away from your home:

– Move bird feeders higher
– Remove uneaten pet food
– Keep trash inside until pick-up day
– Clean up after grilling
– Place electric fencing around beehives
– Pick fruit from berry bushes as soon as possible and scare bears out of agriculture fields as soon as damage occurs

If you see a black bear:

– Act calm and do not run
– Warn the bear that you are near by talking in a firm, calm voice
– Allow space between you and the bear and back away slowly
– Raise your hands above your head to make yourself look bigger
– Clap or shout to scare the bear away

Black bears are often seen in northeast Ohio because of our many wooded areas.

You can report black bear sightings online or by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE.

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