Lt. Governor Husted weighs in on Ohio welcoming Afghan refugees


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Around a dozen governors have formally declared that their states will welcome Afghan refugees after Taliban forces seized power in the country over the weekend.

The Pentagon says its goal is to get up to 9,000 people on flights and out of Afghanistan each day.

The governors of Utah, Maryland, California, and South Carolina are among the bipartisan group, NBC News reports.

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted told NBC4 Thursday he and Governor Mike DeWine have not had a conversation about their administration making a formal proclamation, but he echos what these other states are saying.

“We certainly have an obligation to the Afghan people who were helpful to protecting our U.S. military, during their time… to make sure that we’re protecting them at this point in time. And so I’m sure if any of the people who were allies to the men and women of our armed forces [are] looking at a place to go, and they have something to offer, I’m sure the people of Ohio would welcome them,” Husted said.

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