COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN)- Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli held a news conference earlier this morning in Columbus, talking about new legislation aimed at protecting small business owners from fraud.

Rulli said one of the big areas of concern involves business owners who have several corporations in their names for accounting purposes.

Some corporations may have gone dormant, but they’re still in the owner’s name. Scammers will use that account information to apply for loans.

He says as a business owner, he’s seen scams like this firsthand.

“If this happens to a small business owner in Ohio, what do you do? so of course you’re going to call the attorney general’s office or your going to call the secretary of state. and there’s not a streamlined package, there’s not a program together to get to those small businesses so we can stop it immediately, so this problem doesn’t bleed out,” Rulli said.