MILLERSBURG, Ohio (WJW) – A Tuscarawas County man is facing criminal charges for his violent behavior during a 9th grade football game last Thursday in Holmes County.

Witnesses say the fan of the New Philadelphia Quakers freshman team, identified as 46-year-old Raymond Korns, began heckling and taunting the home-field fans of the West Holmes Knights on their side of Knights Stadium in Millersburg.

Investigators say the situation quickly escalated when a West Holmes parent asked Korns to be respectful.

“Upon doing so, he got in his face. Another gentleman came down to try to keep things separated, at which point in time Mr. Korns spit in his face,” said Lt. Tim Stryker with the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say Korns then punched the West Holmes fan in the face and punched another fan when he tried to intercede.

Sheriff’s deputies say one of the assault victims is 72 years old.

We’re told that after the incident, the head football coach at West Holmes High School escorted Korns out of the stadium.

Investigators say when Korns realized that fans had called the sheriff’s office and were trying to block in his car until deputies arrived, he accelerated, struck one of the fans and sped away.

A deputy who was responding to the fight at the stadium spotted Korns’ car in Millersburg and pulled him over.

Korns told Sgt. Chris Schonauer that he was not the aggressor in the fight.

On video from the deputy’s body camera, Korns said, “they were mad at us for cheering on our kids, and I said something to one guy and then another guy came over and got up on us.”

Korns claimed that he did not realize that he hit one of the opposing fans with his car, but could not explain fresh damage on the vehicle.

He told the deputy, “we got out of there because we didn’t want to get beat up.”

Korns was arrested and charged with felonious assault, simple assault, and failing to stop after an accident, all for his behavior at a game played by children.

“Parents get way too involved and get too serious with just not allowing the coaches to coach and the players to play,” said Lt. Stryker.

After he was arraigned on the various charges, Raymond Korns was released on a $50,000 bond.

The court ordered him to have no contact with the fans at West Holmes.

When asked about Korns’ behavior at the game, West Holmes Schools Superintendent Eric Jurkovic said, “it’s unfortunate that he acted that way and, you know, it’s not going to be tolerated and if you come to a game to act like that, expect to be asked to leave or be respectful of those sitting around you.”