DeWine announces $5 billion to help Ohio businesses and workers


They'll be joined by Bureau of Workers' Compensation Administrator Stephanie McCloud

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted held a coronavirus briefing Wednesday where they talked about additional funding to support Ohio businesses.  

The governor is asking the Bureau of Workers Compensation Board of Directors to approve a dividend of $5 billion to further support Ohio’s economy and employers.

DeWine said this dividend is four times the size of the last dividend and the largest in BWC history.

“Our economy is coming back, but many of our businesses, business men and women, continue to struggle and another even larger dividend I am asking for today will help so many business stay open and keep them operating,” DeWine said.

The BWC will hold a special meeting Monday to approve the dividend request. If approved, DeWine said checks will be sent in December and include increments of hundreds to millions of dollars for employers covered by the BWC system.

“On average, for example, a restaurant, could see a check for about $13,000 on average,” DeWine said. “An average Ohio farm could see a check for roughly $9,500.”

Public employers, like the city of Columbus, stand to collect the biggest check. Columbus will receive nearly $64 million.

“This is about keeping our businesses open. This is about keeping people employed in Ohio,” DeWine said.

DeWine also announced a new package of CARES Act funding that will be released to small businesses, to low-income individuals for help with utilities and rent, hospitals, colleges and universities, art organizations and nonprofits.

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