Keeping freshly cut Christmas trees healthy


GRANVILLE, Ohio–Jim Gibson with Timbuk Farm explains how to care for a freshly cut tree. ((Photo by Tony Mirones/

GRANVILLE, Ohio (WCMH)–Jim Gibson’s Timbuk Christmas Tree Farm grows thousands of trees across the 300-acre property. The trees take anywhere from six to eight years to mature from seedlings to be able to go into your home.

Gibson explained some tips for cutting your tree and keeping it healthy in your home for a month to five weeks during the season.

Two important fresh tree tips:

  1. Cut the trunk horizontally to the ground
  2. Make sure you have a tree stand that fits the tree.

Shaving the sides of the bark off to make the trunk fit in the stand will only reduce the tree’s water intake. The bark area is the most effective at absorbing water.

Of course, looking at a picture makes the whole shopping process more simple, and if you’re not sure what you want, Timbuk is ready to help you figure it out.

Recycling Christmas Trees

When the holidays are finished, you have to get rid of the tree. Delaware, the City of Columbus, and Franklin County offer recycling options. Licking County offers a list of recycling resources for a number of needs, including Christmas Trees. The Ohio Department of Natural resources encourages people to use drop-off locations for the trees to be used as fish habitat. There are other options for reuse of the pine tree and can be found here.

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