CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has learned an intruder at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport had been in a restricted area for three hours before being discovered.

Cleveland police have now charged April Ford with breaking and entering.

But the airport administration is not answering questions for the I-Team to explain how and when the security breach happened.

Once again, we found someone making it onto the airfield without any indication anyone noticed.

We’ve shown you it’s happened many times before.

Cleveland police said a worker at Hopkins airport found an intruder in an aircraft maintenance building on Sunday morning. The security breach temporarily stopped air traffic.

Time and again at Hopkins airport, the I-Team has revealed security breaches that have gone unnoticed. Now, there was another.

Derrick Redmond said it messed up his travel plans.

“It stopped me from leaving,” he said.

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A police report shows a worker found a woman in the break room of the aircraft maintenance building watching TV at about 6 a.m. The report says the intruder had been eating ice cream and searching through drawers and a vehicle. The worker alerted police, and they arrested April Ford.

Now, a court complaint says at “approximately 3 a.m.” Ford “did breach the security fence and enter into the secured area of the airport.”

But the airport hasn’t explained how or when the suspect got where the public can’t go.

You have to go through security checkpoints. But the I-Team wants to know how another person got past security. Where did the breakdown occur? How did no one notice it when it happened? And why didn’t anyone notice after it happened?

Back in 2019, a car rammed through an airport fence. That went unnoticed for three hours.

In 2020, another car drove through a security fence unnoticed.

Last Thanksgiving weekend, police busted a man for driving onto the airfield.

Then, the I-Team found the main radar station also was damaged and shut down, but no one called police about that until the next day.

Hopkins airport representatives are not answering questions for the I-Team.

Instead, a spokesperson sent a statement:

Safety is always the number one priority for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE). The Cleveland Police Department (CPD) is working closely with us and our airport partners to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, in which an individual was observed and apprehended inside the fence line at the airport.

Although fence lines are not designed to be impenetrable, the intent is that they contribute as a deterrent to unauthorized access. In addition to a fence line, there are many layers of safety and security established to mitigate risks and allow for timely response. That is precisely what occurred in this situation. Out of an abundance of caution, a ground stop was issued to ensure the safety and security of all our passengers.

This investigation is ongoing and as such, there is no additional information for release at this time.

Statement from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Travelers want answers, too.

“With everything that’s going on in the world today, you just don’t know,” said Lisa Yohner.

The Transportation Security Administration had nothing to add to this and simply referred us back to police.

The Transportation Security Administration had nothing to add to this, referring us back to police.

Meantime, we also checked the record of April Ford.

In Cuyahoga County Court, we found a couple of felony cases that had been filed and then dismissed. In city court records, we found some other misdemeanor cases including others involving criminal trespass.