(WKBN) – Summa Health, which operates Akron City Hospital, is taking its fight to keep a resident doctor’s file private in a 2018 wrongful death lawsuit.

The family of an 18-year-old crash victim alleges that a breathing tube was placed incorrectly.

The victim had surgery following the accident and a breathing tube was placed and then removed following the surgery. Later in the day when he started to struggle to breathe, a resident doctor placed another breathing tube, but it was incorrectly placed in his stomach.

The victim went into cardiac arrest and suffered brain damage. He is now in a vegetative state requiring 24-hour care.

The family wants the resident’s file turned over to the court which would provide details of his intubation training and how many times he performed the procedure along with his evaluations from supervising doctors.

The hospital system maintains that those records are private and that to turn them over would compromise the process of candid reviews. Without confidentiality, healthcare providers statewide won’t be able to honestly evaluate residents, Summa concludes.

The American Medical Association and the Ohio Hospital, Medical and Osteopathic Associations have filed briefs in support of Summa’s stance.

The Ohio Association of Justice and two other attorney groups have filed briefs in support of the victim’s family.

The case will be heard by the Ohio Supreme Court next week.