COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the following bills into law Saturday.

House Bill 67, sponsored by Representatives Tom Brinkman and Brigid Kelly, creates the veterinarian student debt assistance program, and grants vet education credits for free spay and neuter services.

House Bill 136, sponsored by Representative Brett Hudson Hillyer, prohibits the death penalty if offender was mentally ill at time of offense. 

House Bill 150, sponsored by Representative Derek Merrin, reduces taxes on new banks and mortgage lenders. 

House Bill 263, sponsored by Representative Kyle Koehler, revises occupation license restrictions for former criminals. 

House Bill 264, sponsored by Representatives Shane Wilkin and Michael O’Brien, refinances loans for water and waste water infrastructure projects. 

House Bill 308, sponsored by Representative Tom Patton, concerns workers’ compensation and disability retirement for PTSD.

House Bill 431, sponsored by Representatives Cindy Abrams and Rick Carfagna, creates the Sexual Exploitation Database. 

House Bill 436, sponsored by Representative Brian Baldridge, provides additional tool for screening and supporting children with dyslexia. 

House Bill 444, sponsored by Representative Brian Baldridge and Cindy Abrams, revises Ohio’s township laws. 

House Bill 473, sponsored by former Representative J. Todd Smith, permits the state motto, “With God, all things are Possible,” to be used alongside the Ohio State Seal.

Senate Bill 256, sponsored by Senator Nathan Manning and former Senator Peggy Lehner, regards sentencing offenders under the age of 18. 

Senate Bill 259, sponsored by Senator Vernon Sykes, authorizes the conveyance of state-owned real property. 

Senate Bill 260, sponsored by Senator Steve Huffman, regards abortion-inducing drugs. 

Senate Bill 312, sponsored by Senator Rob McColley, creates the Hardin Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division.