Gov. DeWine pens opinion piece for New York Times defending vaccine lottery

Ohio Vax-A-Million Lottery

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine penned an opinion piece for the New York Times on the state’s COVID-19 vaccination lottery.

Titled “Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Ohio’s Vaccine Lottery,” the piece defends the governor’s decision to hold the lottery for those who have received the vaccine.

DeWine said the Vax-a-Million lottery came about out of “necessity.” He said the lottery was meant to target those who were not totally opposed to the vaccine but didn’t have strong feelings about it either way. He said he knew there was no convincing those who were dead set against it.

The lottery also came about after supply ended up exceeding demand and there was a “scary” drop in vaccinations, the governor wrote.

DeWine defended the cost by comparing it to money the U.S. had already spent fighting the virus.

“Frankly, the lottery idea would cost a fraction of that — about $5.6 million, according to our estimates,” DeWine wrote.

DeWine said the results of the lottery have “exceeded my wildest expectations.”

Other states have followed suit with vaccine lotteries including Colorado, California, Arkansas and Minnesota, among others.

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