DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Some people run from danger while others run toward it. That’s exactly what local military veteran Gerald Wallace did when shots rang out during a deadly shooting at the DMAX plant in Moraine Thursday night.

Wallace was working at the General Motors-owned plant when the shooting happened. He said he heard about eight or nine shots and saw crowds of people running away.

People urged Wallace to do the same, but he said he thought of his 20-year-old son who also works at the plant. He was worried for his son’s safety, so he chose a different path.

“But God told me to go back in there,” Wallace said. “So, I went back in there, and then seeing the guy laying on the ground, he was like, help me, bro, help me, big bro. So, I picked them up and put him over my shoulder and ran out with him, and by the time I was running out, police were running in, and they came quick. I laid him on the ground. The ambulance took him, and that’s all I heard. I heard he was living. So, I’m glad he’s living.”

Wallace said he hopes this incident will lead to security improvements at the plant.

“Well, I always felt safe, but after that happened, that shows that anything can happen,” he said. “They’re going to have to get some security measures in there, like some metal detectors or something.”

Law enforcement said a domestic dispute involving two men and a woman, all three employees at DMAX, led to the shooting.

The man who was injured is not believed to have been involved in the dispute, according to police.

The suspect remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.