Final report on missing Ohio boy’s death dispels rumors about the case


Harley Dilly's body was found in a chimney at his neighbor's house four weeks after the 14-year-old went missing

PORT CLINTON, Ohio (CNN Newsource) – We are getting some answers about what happened to Harley Dilly, the 14-year-old Ohio boy whose body was found inside of a chimney after he had gone missing.

Dilly’s body was found January 13 at a home on Fulton Street in Port Clinton after an intensive search.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s final report says Dilly was found standing on the floor of the chimney on the second floor of the home. Above him was a vent.

His coat, eyeglasses, sweatshirt and a Cleveland Browns jersey were pushed through the hole. The vent cover was found near the clothing.

Agents were then able to reach through the vent opening to discover Dilly. The wall was removed and the brick chimney was opened to remove the teen’s body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Dilly had been missing for nearly four weeks.

Owner of home where Ohio boy’s body found: “Our family is heartbroken over this”

In pictures, his coat is seen hanging on a door. The report explains a Port Clinton officer picked it up to assess whether it was possibly Dilly’s.

Investigators say the boy climbed an antenna on the side of the home. He slid down the chimney and the clothing was pushed through the hole to try to create space.

Many local rumors centered around the clothing and a mattress being found on the floor of the bedroom, but the report makes it clear Dilly was never inside of the home.

There were no signs of a sleeping area, food being eaten or any use of the bathrooms.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office hopes the detailed report shows this was a terrible accident. It says the report should dispel any rumors about the case and hopes this puts the matter to rest.

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