FBI: Male seen near Cincinnati is not long-missing Timmothy Pitzen


The person found wandering around a Kentucky neighborhood on Wednesday is not Timmothy Pitzen, who’s been missing since 2011.

The FBI says that’s according to DNA results.

Timmothy was 6 years old when he was reported missing in May of 2011. He lived in Aurora, Illinois.

Then on Wednesday, a male who was at first described as a teen boy told police he escaped from two men who were holding him captive and said his name was Timmothy James Pitzen.

He told police he had been held captive for seven years and escaped.

However, Newport Police say the male is actually 23-year-old Brian Michael Rini, of Medina, Ohio.

Rini does have a prior arrest record but the sheriff could not go into detail.

Rini has not been charged with anything at this time.

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