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ANDOVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) — A 78-year-old Andover man run over by a loaded dump truck driven by a township employee has died, according to authorities.

Just after 2 p.m. on July 25, the dump truck driven by a township employee, a 64-year-old Jefferson man, was backing onto the one-lane 6th Avenue as the Andover man — who lived nearby — was walking past, according to a crash report from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The pedestrian suffered “serious injuries” to his pelvis and leg and was transported to a Youngstown hospital, according to the patrol. He died of his injuries on Aug. 3, troopers later confirmed.

The pedestrian had requested dirt from the township’s excavation work, and the driver was headed back to dump a second load at the time of the crash, according to the report. The driver told the reporting trooper he checked his mirrors and started reversing, then felt a “bump.” He stopped and found the pedestrian lying between the truck’s front and rear wheels.

No one witnessed the crash, according to the report. It’s unclear whether the truck hit the pedestrian, causing him to fall or if he had already fallen before being run over, the trooper reported.

The truck was equipped with rear- and side-view mirrors, but the rear view was largely obscured by the dirt piled in the truck’s bed. The truck also had special lights and an alarm for reversing, but the trooper noted neither were functional after the crash.

Troopers determined the driver didn’t give enough warning before backing up and wasn’t paying enough attention.

They also noted there were no available sidewalks for the pedestrian, but that he didn’t yield to the truck.

Both parties contributed fault, so the driver of the truck was not cited.

A township trustee requested the driver undergo a blood alcohol content test, which came back negative, according to an Andover police report.