(WKBN) – The number of ICU beds in Ohio’s hospitals is dwindling, according to new data from Eye on Ohio.

Eye for Ohio is part of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Ohio Center for Journalism. The organization sued and successfully won a lawsuit to obtain statistics on the number of beds and ventilators available for COVID-19 patients at individual hospitals throughout the state. 

Statewide, there were 794 beds available in the medical-surgical units, as of Dec. 17. In the ICU, 176 beds were open.

The data shows that Ohio is almost back to its lowest low for beds available, even before Gov. Mike DeWine called in the Ohio National Guard to assist frontline workers.

According to Eye for Ohio, ICU patients are now 26% COVID-19 positive, which is a new high.

At St. Elizabeth Youngstown, eight medical-surgical beds were listed as being available while one ICU bed was listed on Dec. 17.

At St. Joseph Warren Hospital, there were no medical-surgical beds listed while only one ICU bed was available, as of data compiled Dec. 17.

You can see all of the data and methodology, as well as information on other hospitals, on Eye for Ohio’s website.