COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A man told Columbus police that voices told him to hit a pedestrian with his car, flee the scene and jump into the Scioto River, before surrendering.

According to a Franklin County Municipal Court affidavit, officers received a call on reports of a person with a gun at the 800 block of McKinley Avenue in Franklinton, Wednesday morning. CPD did not find a person with a gun, but rather a crashed, unoccupied 2011 Honda Accord in the street.

Armael Alexander, 21 of Columbus, reportedly hit a man while trying to enter a business early Wednesday morning. The victim was still at the scene and taken to an area hospital. Alexander, however, fled the scene and was later found at 8:18 a.m. on the bank of the Scioto River near North Hartford Avenue. He was examined at an area hospital, then taken to CPD headquarters for an interview.

Alexander told police that he was “smoking weed” while listening to gospel music in his car. He explained that he’s trying to quit smoking because he hears voices. In this instance, CPD said Alexander heard a voice that said “hit him,” referring to the victim.

Alexander struck the victim twice before allegedly telling a woman, a coworker of the victim who was attempting to record the incident, that he had a gun. Alexander told police he did not remember threatening anyone with a gun, and that he attempted to surrender, but voices told him to run, fearing the police would try to kill him.

Alexander fled the scene, jumped into the Scioto River a couple of blocks away, then got out and sat on a river bank off of North Hartford Avenue.

He was arrested, charged with felonious assault, is being held without bond and scheduled for arraignment today.