DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — It’s time to roll up our sleeves once again.

The CDC and FDA have given the green light for the rollout and use of the new COVID-19 booster. Departments and pharmacies will start to receive those vaccines by the end of this week.

Nearly 75 percent of adult Ohioans have received at least one dose of a COVID -19 vaccine, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

With fall around the corner and colder months fast approaching, health departments are seeing an uptick in cases.

“We want to remind people that COVID is going to be an ongoing concern, much like the flu,” Dan Suffoletto said. “COVID is something that’s going to be with us indefinitely, and we need to remind people that they can protect themselves throughout the year.”

For the first time, this new vaccine comes at a cost that will not be covered by the government.

Pfizer and Moderna say they’re pricing each vaccine dose at one hundred dollars, although health insurance is expected to cover it.

Dr. Johari Martin, pharmacist and CVS regional director, said they offer plenty of options in order to break the insurance barrier.

“But if they are uninsured, there are other options within our stores to help support them through some government programs,” Dr. Martin said. “I would highly suggest that any patient who has that as a question goes into their local CVS pharmacy and works collectively with the pharmacies for the best options to get them covered. We definitely don’t want any patients out there not having the opportunity to be protected from COVID.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs is also taking proactive measures to protect their veterans. Once the VA gets the vaccine, they will be utilizing their distribution plan they have in place.

“As soon as we get it in the pharmacy, we’re going to let them know we have a plan to get it added into the note so that it can be given quickly,” Amber Enterline, pharmacy supervisor at the Dayton VA, said. “A lot of numbers we keep track of and things like that. I do believe it will come frozen, but we will have steps in place to make sure we get it into. We have the vaccine clinic here, the injection clinic here at the VA and all of our prime care areas.”

Montgomery County is fourth in cases this year but second in hospitalizations and deaths.