CLEVELAND (WKBN) — November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Previous research has shown that those living in rural areas may be at a higher risk for developing the disease, but has a new discovery changed that?

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have made an interesting discovery when it comes to memory function and where you live. Neuropsychologist Dr. Justin Miller says it is unclear why in some cases those in rural communities have better memory.

Of course, doctors have their theories. One: life is simpler. Not only that, but roads are a bit easier to navigate. Some doctors believe the lower rates of pollution and increased green space could be a reason why. Still, nothing is certain.

“Our challenge now is to try to understand the individual factors that we can learn from and identify who is at risk from a rural or disadvantaged area and who might benefit from living in a rural area,” Dr. Miller said.

Dr. Miller says that many rural communities tend to be medically underserved, meaning they don’t have the same resources those who live near city centers do.

Researchers say the goal of this ongoing research is to find better interventions and treatments for Alzheimer’s regardless of where you live.