Cleveland Clinic lays out safety standards for deer processing


(WKBN) – If you’re deer hunting this season, safety protocols don’t end when you leave the woods.

The Cleveland Clinic says to be careful when preparing the meat. Avoid nicking any organs that can cause cross-contamination.

Sanitation is also crucial, wear gloves and work on a clean surface, otherwise, you risk food poisoning.

On top of that, some deer carry disease, especially now when the USDA says COVID-19 is a concern.

“The good news is that the deer cannot transmit – if it’s contaminated, if it has that infection – it’s not going to be able to be transferred over to humans,” said Beth Czerwony, a registered dietitian from Cleveland Clinic.

Deer meat is high in protein and low in fat, and it can be cooked in several ways. Just make sure to keep your work station clean.

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