Canton driver claims she was ticketed for dodging potholes

The trooper specifically wrote that she went "left of center dodging potholes"

CANTON, Ohio (CNN Newsource) - One driver says it's hard to drive the roads in Canton because of giant, deep potholes. Now she's sharing the ticket she received for trying to avoid them.

"They're all over. It's like an obstacle course. They're so bad that you just are rattled when you hit them," Alanna Corns said.

Last Sunday, she posted a picture of a ticket she got for going around the potholes.

The state trooper specifically wrote that Corns went "left of center dodging potholes."

"So I have to take responsibility for that, but I moreso wanted to post it to get awareness because the roads are horrible," Corns said.

She's upset because there's no good option when you come upon one of those craters.

"Super frustrated because if the city was doing what they were supposed to be doing, I wouldn't have to be dodging potholes and I wouldn't have gotten the ticket in the first place."

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