Can I change my vote once I’ve cast my ballot in Ohio?


Changing your vote is not allowed in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– No, you cannot change your mind and recast your vote in Ohio once you have already submitted your ballot.

“[Changing your vote is] not allowed in Ohio,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose stated Tuesday.

President Donald Trump incorrectly tweeted Tuesday morning that in most states, people can change their vote. According to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, only seven states allow people to switch their votes, including Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“I know some other states allow that, and candidly I’m glad that in Ohio once you cast your vote that it’s final because that kind of thing could be a real logistical and administrative nightmare for boards of elections that already have their hands full,” LaRose added. “So the bottom line is this: make your decision, do your research, but once you cast your ballot in Ohio then your voice has been heard. There’s no do overs. No mulligans.”

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