YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The biggest Buckeye game of the year is one week away with fans hoping to score big on last-minute tickets, but the Better Business Bureau warns that this is also prime time for scammers.

“It’s the marquee game of the year and it’s bringing out an extraordinary amount of people looking to capitalize on this last game,” said Jamie Kaufman, President of BBB Accredited Dream Seats, Inc.

In the age of online sales and digital tickets, it can be difficult to discern genuine resellings from scams. A scammer can send something fake, using the same ticket image multiple times, and the buyer would never know until the tickets don’t work at the gate, BBB states.

“This last game-day weekend leaves many unsuspecting buyers hoping for a break. Fans who normally would never click unknown links or respond to ads can be easily tempted if they think they’ve spotted a good deal,” said Judy Dollison, President of BBB of Central Ohio. “When purchasing online there’s less of a perception of security risk, but it’s even tougher to discern real from fake digital tickets.”

In order to avoid a potential scam, the first thing you can do is ensure the tickets include the block, row and seat details. If those details are missing, the tickets may not be in the hands of the seller yet or may not even exist at all.

If you believe a seller is reputable and are ready to purchase tickets, BBB says to never use person-to-person payment methods and avoid debit cards. Credit cards often have recourse if the tickets are not as promised, but debit cards, wire transfers or cash transactions most often do not.

“The face value pricing information is out there. Everyone knows what a ticket is worth, the pricing is online,” Kaufman said. “If the price is too good to be true – you don’t even want to talk to someone like that.”